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Friday, July 31, 2009

Keep your Computer Free from Viruses

by Daina Thomas 0 comments

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If you anticipate your computer may be infected, yield all all-important accomplish to bright your system and abstain infecting added computers.

· Be alert about what disks and files you acquire from added people.

· Don't reclaim disks that accept been in added computers, don't download files from afraid sites, and don't accessible e-mail accessories unless you are assured them. Be alert of letters and attachments, even from humans you know, with ambiguous accountable curve and contents, such as 'Check this' or 'See these pics!!!'

· Install antivirus programs to added cautiously allotment disks, download files from the Internet and accessible e-mail attachments.

· If your system gets a virus, appointment your virus-scan software manufacturer's Web website and install any virus updates that are available. Then run the software. The software may not be able to annul the virus, but it may be able to analyze it.

· Search the Web for advice apropos your specific virus by accounting the name of the virus or its associated book into a seek engine, followed by the chat 'virus.' For example, 'Melissa virus,' 'BubbleBoy virus,' and so on.

· Download and install software patches or added programs that will advice you annihilate the virus. Or chase any instructions you acquisition on deleting the virus manually.

· Run addition virus scan to accomplish abiding the virus removal was dealt with properly.

· Employ added attention if you accept accessories that end in the frequently acclimated extensions .doc, .exe, .com, .xls or .ppt. Never accessible accessories that end in .vbs or .js, back a archetypal user would never accept a acumen to accessible these files.

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