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Thursday, August 27, 2009

How to find lost bookmarks on Firefox?

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Today’s coolest tip will advise you to find lost bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox. You can consign the bookmarks binder to a specific binder or area application acceptation and consign advantage in Firefox. If you are new computer user, aboriginal you should apprentice about the accent and charge of backup, because after advancement yon can lose your admired websites annual any time due to any computer virus, ability abortion and harder deejay problem.

So, what appear if your Mozilla Firfox's bookmarks al of a sudden disappear? It is absolute arresting and black but don't worry, Firefox in fact do this job for you to actualize automated backup.

Follow the accustomed accomplish to retrieve the absent bookmarks list:

Now go to your arrangement C drive and cross the afterward aisle "C:\Docum.lents and Settings\your annual name\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles".

Under profiles folder, you will see a binder with accidental name, in our case this binder name is awrvfkuo.default.

Double bang on awrvfkuo.default binder and you will see addition binder with name "bookmarkbackups". Here is absolute abode area Mozilla firefox abundance your bookmarks backup.

Now archetype the all latest bookmarks detail and go up one akin again accomplished it.

Here rename the book to "bookmarks.html" and now your bookmarks should be restored.

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