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Monday, December 28, 2009

Tips to Computer Optimization

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Computer optimization is all about maintaining your system so that it works fast with less hardware resources. Generally, a computer may be optimized so that it executes commands more quickly.
Computer optimization is not new for us but there are people who lack this knowledge. In this article we have mentioned some of the methods to enhance system performance. It is found that most of us use certain kind of tools to tune up system performance. However, we like to tell you certain ways of Windows 7 computer optimization which you can do by yourself without any external tool.

1. Users always look at speeding up boot time and usually you can do this by minimizing the number of startup programs that load every-time Windows boot. You can access the list of startup programs by clicking on ‘Start’ then typing ‘msconfig’ into the search box. Now click on the Startup tab and uncheck those programs that you would prefer not to run during startup.

2. I you have a low capacity hard drives that is running without reformatting from a long time then the hard drive will take long time in Windows 7 installation Most of the users frequently install new software but never paid attention about removing the previously installed or unused software.

3. You can also go to add-remove programs and uninstall everything that is not necessary and any program trials that you will not be subscribing to.

4. What we personally believe that shutting down the computer every night is best option to get more from your computer. People always argue that turning a computer on and off constantly is harder on the hard drive. However according to hard drive manufacturers; it is not true with today’s hard drives.

5. When you are continuously installing and uninstalling programs, a hard drive will leave pieces of those programs in different places throughout the entire drive. When the user wants to use a specific program, the hard drive will search for different locations to access that information thus creating a longer wait time. To solve this issue, a hard drive should be defragmented fairly often.

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