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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Simple Steps to Troubleshoot Your Computer on Your Own

by Daina Thomas 8 comments

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Computer problems are like unknown interruptions in the normal processing of your computer system. There are a numerous numbers of technical problems, which may arise in any computer irrespective of their make and model. I am a regular Internet user and I keep on posting the most basic steps to troubleshoot various computer problems on your own. Microsoft offers a built-in computer troubleshooting utility for diagnosing and fixing the common problems in Windows computer.


Microsoft Windows operating system provides a built-in help and support tool, which provides troubleshooting steps, and support services on a wide range of common technical errors that may occur in any computer system. The simple to use and user-friendly, user interface of computer troubleshooting tool, provided me with the best help, which helped me a lot in fixing various common issues with my PC. For instance, I was unable to install the printer on my computer. I launched the troubleshooting tool on my PC, which showed that the cause of the problem is the use of incompatible printer driver software. I downloaded the compatible printer driver from the Internet and successfully installed the printer.


The built-in tool for troubleshooting problems is the most accepted tool. It is capable of providing the troubleshooting steps for some of the most common computer problems like no sound from system speaker, problem in using Windows Media Player, unable to install or uninstall a printer or any other peripheral device, unable to start an e-mail client, and USB device not working etc.


The way of using the built-in computer fix tool is simple, provided you are able to properly identify and locate the problem with the indications given in the tool. The tool makes use of the pre-defined database, so there may be a possibility of not getting solution for each and every problem.

Comments 8 comments
marcus j.borg said...

Thanks for sharing...
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Online Computer Help said...

Good information.Thanks for share with us.

Computer Support said...

These are simple steps to follow to troubleshoot common technical errors. There is online computer support service also available in case of any help needed.

Computer technical support services said...

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I find your site very informative and essential for someone who loves computer like me. The tips you provided are indeed very helpful. I will check your site again for more quality post.

Jack Dean said...

I used to have no confidence in troubleshooting and fixing computer problem before. But after a 1 year of extensive exposure to computer repair, I am now very confident of fixing computer problems of any sort.

desktop support said...

fixing computer problems requires years of experience and in-depth knowledge of computers. It's not easy but it's very rewarding.

online tech support said...

There are problems that can be solved on our own but there are also computer issues that are more difficult to solve and in that case, it'd be wise to call help from the computer repair experts.

anil kumar said...

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