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Friday, August 19, 2011

Make a Computer Support Surround Sound

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Surround sound support is typically done through the computer's sound card. Computer owners who do not currently have a surround sound compatible sound card need to upgrade to a surround sound card. Surround sound cards can be internal or external. External cards are easier to install as they simply plug into the computer's USB drive. Internal cards are slightly trickier to install but are still not that complex. External sound cards are ideal for laptop users who do can not replace the internal sound card easily.


Turn off and unplug the computer.

Locate the sound card on the back of the computer's tower.

Unscrew the casing for the tower. Typically screws for the tower are at the back of the computer.

Remove the casing.

Locate the sound card inside the computer. The ports (speaker, microphone) are at the back of the tower and the actual card extends into the tower behind those ports and connect to the mother board.

Remove the sound card. Unscrew any screws holding the sound card in place. Pull the sound card gently from the PC. It should pop out without much trouble. There may be clasps holding the sound card in place, unclasp them.

Insert the new surround sound card into the computer where the old one was. Make sure it is inserted correctly exactly like the old one was. Screw it in, if necessary.

Plug in and turn on the computer.

Insert the install disk that came with the new surround sound card.

Install the drivers and software from the install disk.

Reboot the computer and test the setup.

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