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Thursday, September 29, 2011

How to Start a Remote PC Business

by Daina Thomas 2 comments


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A remote PC business offers a customer specialized computer repair instead of a hot line or Internet chat with a technician. In most cases, the client has to provide the support person access to his computer but often the technician simply feeds instructions to the client.
Remote computer repair is convenient because the client need not go somewhere to get his computer fixed.


1. Decide on what type of computer repair service you want to offer. Some businesses offer support for specific software while others provide hardware support. Determine your target market. For instance, if you're going to cater to individual end-users, you want to offer operating system support and repair, internet setup and anti-virus installation. Also, decide whether you're going to work purely for one type of operating system or if you can manage to offer support for all major operating systems.

2. Get certifications for computer support. To earn your potential client's confidence, you need to learn technical skills for various computer support concerns. Ask your local community college if it offers computer and networking support courses.

3. Set prices. Rates will vary according to the service. Offer competitive prices to attract people to do business with you. A good start is to find out what other remote computer repair websites charge. Computer Geeks online, for instance, charges $125 for full computer cleanup solutions. If you're going to offer your services locally, offer more affordable rates. The capital you would need to operate a local remote computer repair business wouldn't be as what you'd for a national operation.

4. Assemble your equipment together. To operate a remote PC business, you need a stable Internet connection and a couple of computers, depending on how big your business is going to be. If this is going to be a one-man venture, you can probably start with two computers. You will need more if you intend to hire more technicians. Aside from computers, you will need operating system and software emulators as well as a toll-free number for clients. You can get a toll-free number from your telephone service carrier.

5. Launch your website. To get your remote PC business up and running, you need a website from where clients can start chat sessions with you or pull up your contact information. Incorporate an online billing system to help organize and receive payments.

6. Market your services. Because your service is mostly web-based, you will need to establish an online presence so people in your service area are aware of you. Place advertisements through local computer stores. As local computer stores to recommend you to customers.

Source: eHow

Comments 2 comments
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