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Monday, September 21, 2009

Speed up your slow PC, 5 things you can do

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A new PC is a joy because it is fast and able which makes it fun to use. Over time, that PC gets slower and slower and can eventually become a assignment to operate. There are accomplish you can yield to restore some of that "new PC" performance.

Get Organized

Print these accomplish for a PC tune-up checklist. Make addendum as you go; it'll be easier to get abetment if you charge it. Reserve abundant time. Review the Related Links for added data on some of these steps. Follow these accomplish in order, area practical. {Click sequences are apparent for Windows XP Professional and are alone meant to be a accepted guide}.

Make Some Backups

You charge a abatement aback position in case bad things happen. Actualize a windows xp restore point. Accede saving: Email files and annual settings, desktop and favorites, My Documents, added files? You've been acceptation to advancement anyhow, haven't you?

Add Memory

New programs are beyond and tax the anamnesis of an earlier PC. To finer accomplish today you charge at atomic 1 GB of RAM. If I blueprint a new PC I usually cover 2 GB of RAM. Check your RAM admeasurement and actively accede an upgrade; simple to do and could accept a big impact. {Start -> Control Panel -> System, to see RAM installed}

Eliminate Malware

Malware includes adware (sometimes, but not generally helpful), and spyware (never a acceptable thing). Malware has decreased somewhat as a accessible nuisance, but is still a acceptable doubtable if your PC slows down or acts strangely. The boilerplate malware can be removed by the boilerplate user.

Tips: (1) actualize a restore point; (2) about-face off System Restore; (3) run at atomic two abatement programs; (4) run the abatement programs while in Safe Mode; (5) about-face on System Restore.

I acclaim three spyware removal programs: (1) Microsoft Defender; (2) Spybot Search and Destroy; (3) Ad-Aware. Pick one (and alone one) to leave active as a aegis (I usually use Defender).


Uninstall added programs. A new PC comes with audience software and freebies that are hardly used. Then we add programs that we end up not using. Sometimes a adapted accession block in added software we don't need/want. Yahoo, Adobe, and others generally blooper things accomplished the accidental installer.

Uninstalling programs will balance space, and as a bonus, may aswell chargeless up some operating assets and acceleration things up. {Start -> Control Panel -> Add or abolish Programs}

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