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Friday, July 22, 2011

About PC Support ?

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PC support can offer help with a defined problem or failure of the computer or of a software program. Most computer and software manufacturers today offer some kind of support or so-called help desk for owners of their particular computer or software program, but the effectiveness of this support will vary. Help or support in the form of tutorials or how to assistance with program mastery is also widely available, either free or for a service fee.

Website FAQs and User Forums

Almost all vendors of computers and software have a support website where FAQs or user forums will provide help to owners and customers. Some of these forums can be very helpful but only if experts moderate these websites and contribute support solutions known to be effective. Otherwise, some user forums can be a waste of time and potentially dangerous if company experts aren't dispensing the right answers. Some support pages offer free tutorial information or tutoring videos. Some software makers offer outstanding free support materials online for users of their software, but website support sites will be no help to you if your computer can't connect to the Internet.

Text-Based Chat Support

Some manufacturers and vendors offer live Internet chat functions where a user can text-chat with an experienced support technician about questions and problems with a product. These live chat interfaces are often better than user forum support sites, but the live chat format can be awkward. Often the support operator is not an expert in the field at all, but is merely pressing buttons to dispense canned solutions and directions over the chat line.

Live Telephone Support

A few computer and software vendors still offer live telephone tech support, though this is becoming increasingly rare. When they do offer comprehensive telephone support it is usually only offered for a fee, paid in advance by credit card. The exception to this paid support rule may be computers covered by a warranty, although free support even under warranty is also becoming scarce. Free telephone support for warranty-holders may culminate in directions to send back the computer to the manufacturer for inspection or replacement, which can be expensive, risky, create a long delay or result in the loss of your personal data.

Live Remote Support

Many local and national franchise PC repair services and shops offer live remote support using the Windows Remote Assistance program. The PC support technician can take control of your computer over the Internet and repair certain kinds of software issues for you. The technician will then return control of the computer back to you when the repair is complete. These support services are always paid for in advance with a credit card. Remote support requires an Internet connection and cannot help with a hardware-related problem.

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